About Us

Hope Alive is a cooperative effort of various churches, businesses, leaders and concerned citizens of the community that are seeking to bring the light of the Gospel into the dark world of addiction. 

We will accomplish this task through a 6 month residential program for men, where they will be introduced to the love, forgiveness, and healing found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

They will also have the opportunity to learn job and life skills that will equip them for success after graduation. 

Our goal is not only to set men free from their addictions, but to equip them to become godly men, faithful husbands, loving fathers, committed church members, and responsible working citizens of the community. 



Entrance into the Hope Alive program is on a voluntary basis and is faith based where participants are required to work five days a week on and/or off campus; attend all classes, services, and events as designated by staff; and comply with the rules and regulations specified by HOPE ALIVE and with the understanding that failing to do any of the above can result in eviction and termination from the program.





  June 2021  
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