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  • Restoration!

    Paul Alan Sewell voluntarily entered the Hope Alive Transformational Ministry Program on January 11, 2021. He participated whole heartedly in the program and volunteered at Haynes Home Center as part of the Hope Alive Community Work Program. He completed his initial 6-month commitment on July 11th, 2021, and entered into the Phase Two program on August 4th. This allowed him to obtain gainful employment with Haynes while still residing on the Hope Alive campus and continuing his recovery goals.

    Since entering the program Mr. Sewell has shown tremendous growth as a godly man; reunited with his wife and child; and continues to remain a faithful husband; loving father; committed church member; and a responsible working citizen of the community. All of these characteristics fulfills the goal and mission of Hope Alive Transformational Ministries hopefully for all residents.

    In October of 2021, an opening became available within the ministry for a full-time resident supervisor position and Mr. Sewell applied and was accepted. He began his duties on October 11th and continues to serve the ministry as an important part of the staff at Hope Alive. He is scheduled to graduate and complete his one-year recovery goal as a resident on January 15th, 2022.

    We'd like to take this opportunity to not only congratulate him on his tremendous accomplishment but also thank all of YOU...individuals; churches; businesses and organizations; that have continued to encourage; support; participate and enable Hope Alive to exist and serve God and people in our communities as lives are being changed; families restored; and restoration takes place!


    The Hope Alive Ministries Team

  • With Sincere Appreciation!

    In awe, praise, and with lots of appreciation for all that have stepped up and supported Hope Alive Ministries

    .... not only all year long.... but with extra loving care here at Christmas.

    So many have reached out .... and our residents got to enjoy the holidays so not only is God

       changing lives and reconciling families.... He is also bringing together communities; individuals; churches; businesses; and organizations .... all working together in unity to be HIS hands and feet!

    Once again, thanks so much for being such a huge part of what God is doing at HOPE ALIVE and 

    May God bless you and yours today and always!


    from all of us here at


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